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pedal plenty

notes on a north american cycle trip in 2008

Archive for July, 2007

The panniers of redness ….

… my new panniers came today. They are loveliest, most practical panniers ever. With many cunning pockets to lose things in, and waterproof insides to stop yer pants getting damps and special bits for keeping the tent in. I can hardly wait to try them out. I got them from those nice French Canadian folks Arkel and they are GT54 (i.e. can hold 54 litres of stuff)

So this is the right hand one. That tubey bit is where you stick the tent and the poles and the thermarest.GT55 right

And this is the left hand one.
GT left

Posted by me on July 31st, 2007

Gimme your money ….

… gimme all your money.

For such a long time I have been wondering if I should try to raise cash with this escapade. While in the bar at Imelda MacKillop’s leaving do I got talking to Fred and he said “You must, it is such an opportunity.” And of course he is right but I thought “Hmmm, how do you do that on a web site so it’s hassle free for folks that’d like to contribute and hassle free for me“. And then, as always, Mr Serendipity struck (cue drum roll and trumpeting).

So, I was cruising round CrazyGuyOnABike reading my favourite journal of 3 transam-ing boys (transam-ing that’s a new verb dontcha know created in that American stylee of making up words unnecessarily) ;-) and the lads mentioned they met the Project Pedal folks and when I visited their website I noticed a wee thing called Chip in that they are using to help raise fund to support their project. What a clever thing it is. It links to a Paypal account so is secure and when people want to give money they can either use their Paypal account or just enter their credit card details.

So I am off now to do the dabbling with the Chip in.

Posted by me on July 22nd, 2007

The pink panther ….

Rapha jersey…. well maybe not panther but certainly pink. Think more pink sloth that has been eating too much chocolate and drinking Reisling.

See the lovely pinkness of my Rapha cycling top. It has many cycling type features that appeal to folks like T the speed boy but the most important thing to me is the pinkness. Oh and the Ipod pocket. And the wee zippy cover thing so your poor delicate neck doesn’t get jagged. And the little reflecty thing so you won’t get run over by buses (mibe!) and the sportwooliness and lack of iron and the grippy bit that stops you showing off your back and … and …

pink Pink PINK including the kitchen sink

Posted by me on July 14th, 2007

New mitts ….

… for me paws. Rapha mitts

T the Speed Boy buys top notch cycling stuff at Rapha. He showed me his cycling mitts. They are v. nice. They are made of camel or goat or something. I bought some. They are fab. T also told me the top tips for ra mitts

  • take them off by turning them inside out
  • if they start to smell (think 80 days in 30 centigrade heat smelly) put them in the freezer. (Freezing kills smelliness - my gutties are in the freezer as I speak/type)
  • don’t let no other stinking gringos wear your mitts. They completely mold to the shape of your paws. (Remember how your papa never lent his fountain pen to anyone ? It’s the same thing)
  • Don’t wear them near a camel or a goat.  It’s maybe their auntie’s skin that you are wearing.  They’ll get a bit upset (and either spit or butt).

Posted by me on July 8th, 2007

I have been training ….

… honest Gov. I have been reading the books about cycling training and fitness and looking at the Tour de France website. What more training do you need to do ? I also cycle 10 miles to South Queensferry every Thursday to go to Tai Chi class and then cycle back (sometimes moderately inebriated which presents a challenge when trying to dodge the foxes and rabbits). I most every day cycle the 10 metres to work too. 4,500 miles across North America ? Pah - piece of piss! Tour de France ? A measly 3000 miles? Ya bunch of skinny sissies! Kiss my nappied arse!

Did you know I have another life ? It’s over here.

Posted by me on July 2nd, 2007