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pedal plenty

notes on a north american cycle trip in 2008

You know how it is …

…. you go all month with no money in your bank account, eating daisies and grubs for lunch to save cash. Your credit card bill comes in. You cry a little bit. You go online and make yourself feel better by buying a pair of NorthWave Goretex mountain biking shoes. Such is the life of a TransAm cyclist in preparation.

But, they are lovely. Perfect for my trip. And they breath too altho’ I haven’t found their lungs yet. But most importantly they are Italian. And we know that the Italians make the best cycling shoes. Don’t we now? What do you mean you didn’t know they made the best. Tsk Tsk. See Northwave and Sidi and eh … Prada as examples.

So my old NorthWave mountain biking shoes ? They’ve gone to that great spin class in the sky.


4 Responses to “You know how it is …”

  1. Kendall & Sharon Says:

    Impressive, way more technical than my Tevas!

  2. me Says:

    I’ll be bring my Tevas with me though. I wish you could get SPD Tevas.

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