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pedal plenty

notes on a north american cycle trip in 2008

In the Buff …

Never fear, this is not a post about me getting nekkid. It’s about my latest piece of cycling attire.

Recently, Le Chef was in Finland giving workshops peppered with bizarre acronyms and he met with our pal Eeva. He told Eeva about my silly cycling trip and she very kindly sent me a Buff. A Buff is a thing that you can put on your head or round your neck or round your hand. It’ll keep the sun off the poor peely-wally Scottish lobster skin, I can use it cover my whole head when mosquitoes attack at night time and used as a balaclava in case I need to hold up a grocery store (this is unlikely coz the shopkeeper will have a gun and I’ll have, eh, a bicycle pump).

Thank you Eeva for the clever Buff.


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