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notes on a north american cycle trip in 2008

A bit blue …

I’m a bit blue today. Not in that sad, Joni Mitchell way but in the colour way. My body has started to turn blue. The onset of blueness began this morning when I set off cycling. It was only 68F (20C). Brrrrrr! If this continues I’ll need to get my merino sheep cardigan out (it’s a sports cardigan with loopy bits for your thumbs I’ll have you know, not a librarian style cardigan!) And then the haar (sea fog) came and it got even colder. I had to speed up to 14 miles an hour to keep warm.

But the biggest reason for me being blue is that I ate and drank a lot of blue things today. Here, in Down East Maine (I assume there’s an Up East Maine somewhere) is the official land of the blueberry. Ummericans LOVE blueberries. They make muffins with them in (I had one today), they put them on or in their pancakes for breakfast, they make jam with them etc etc. So I am going along minding my own business and look there are lots of people selling wild blueberries, and over there is the Blueberry Research Institute (you think I am kidding? I am not) and what the? What is that. A giant Blueberry cafe?


So I arrive at my destination Machias, starving. I have only had two breakfast today. I go immediately to Helen’s Restaurant where I wolf a fried clam sandwich, chased down with Blueberry soda, followed by a slice of very, very delicious blueberry pie. Later I have some Blueberry cream soda which is not the same as Blueberry soda and, I’m ashamed to say, another slice of blueberry pie. Now you will understand my blueness. Factoid: 95% of the world’s blueberry crop comes from this part of the world i.e. here in Washington county.

Today is my penultimate day of acrossness. Tomorrow I will be in Lubec the most easterly and north easterly town in mainland Umerica. I thought today I might see the Atlantic Ocean but the coastline is quite jaggy here, even more so than Scotland so all I have seen, through the Haar, are inlets. Umericans call the inlets bays where we Scotchlanders call them lochs. How educational this diary is. So, it seems that I won’t see the Atlantic from Lubec coz there’s a small matter of Canada being in the way. How inconvenient! I will see the Bay of Fundy though which is famous for the biggest …… You’ll just have to wait.

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  1. chessie Says:

    Welcome to Lubec! We are a bit fogged in today. I am a local photo journalist for the Quoddy Tides.


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