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pedal plenty

notes on a north american cycle trip in 2008

Slow down

I need to slow down, well not slow down just travel less distance. I have been used to cycling anywhere between no miles and more than 80 miles a day for weeks now. I am so ahead of schedule that, if I don’t slow down/travel less distance, I will be cooling my heals / SPDs for ages in Halifax before I head to Quebec for business. So yesterday I thought. If I just do these 125 miles I’ll be done. 125 miles is TOO FAR. The farthest I have cycled in one day is 117 miles and that was with a raging tail wind on the high plain in Wyoming. So I have decided to do 125 miles in 3 days. Today I did 37 miles. I lay in bed as late as possible (0630). I am driven from my bed by raging thirst and hunger. I show off how much I can eat to the folks in the motel (a bagel, a muffin, two bananas, OJ, 3 cups of coffee and a donut). I go back to my room and take another shower just for the hell of it (i.e. time wasting). Go on the internet to waste further time. And eventually I leave at 0945. I try hard to cycle slow. Well slower than normal. I meet other cyclists. I try to delay them from their cycling by yapping endlessly. And I arrive at my destination at lunchtime. I waste further time eating crab cakes. Hardly time wasted! So I’m done for the day at 1400. The fog / haar has come. So nothing for it but to relax reading about Lewis and Clark, chat online with my pals and stuff myself with haddock and scallops and strawberry and rhubarb pie (but not all on the same plate obv!).


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