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pedal plenty

notes on a north american cycle trip in 2008

Almost but …

Today is (almost) my last day across. To Lubec. The most Easterly town in the USA. Am I excited? Am I reflective? No, I am hungry! This trip has become less about cycling and achieving goals and more about my stomach and eating food.

Given that it’s a short ride of 28 miles or so I decide to have a light breakfast of pizza and plums and coffee. (It was not plum pizza I hasten to add, it was leftovers from my pizza yesterday). I load Haggis up for the last time and we head out on a beautiful day. On my left is hills, in the middle is the road and on the right is an occasional view of the sea. It looks like the West Coast of Scotland. I turn off Route 1 towards Lubec and the road surface deteriorates further. This really is just like Scotland. All in-and-out roads to remote Scottish villages are always a disgrace unless of course the European Union has funded the renewal of the asphalt so that scallops, langoustine, halibut and salmon can be whisked from our shores to the open, greedy mouths of the French and Spanish. But I digress ….


And there’s the sign. Lubec. Most Easterly Town. I am done (well almost but not quite). Lubec reminds me of LochInver or Kinlochbervie. A small, postcard type town with little boats in the harbour and everyone relaxed and friendly. I celebrate my arrival at (nearly) The End by eating a clam sandwich, a slice of blueberry pie and a glass of blueberry ale (which tastes of IPA and not blueberries thankfully). What next? Yes, a trip to the library of course! Dear Boss: does chatting with the Lubec librarians, reading their newspapers and using their wifi count as business leave? I can write a report about it!


I am going to stay here for two days because tomorrow I will go to The Ultimate Destination, the lighthouse at West Quoddy Point. This marks the most easterly place in the USA. I am bemused at how the most easterly place can be called West but I am sure all will be revealed tomorrow. Then I think a trip to Canada and across their The Bridge over The Atlantic.


5 Responses to “Almost but …”

  1. WandA Says:

    Don’t let the locals spot you in that WDOT vest! They might choose to save a boatload on their electricity bills by stationing you at the top of the lighthouse.

    Congrats, Gill, on all your accomplishments…not the least of which might be that blueberry beer.

  2. PJ Says:

    WOO HOO!!!!!!!! You did it! Interesting last picture. The placement of your head makes you look like you have some sort of alien head. Did that happen in Vermont? I bow for hours in your general direction. As we educated Umericans like to say, “You done good!”

  3. hotboy Says:

    The boy was prostrating his way from Mongolia to under the Bo Tree. It took several years. He said he could understand the size of the earth because he had been measuring it with his body. What can I say? Ten out of ten! Hotboy

  4. chessie Says:

    Congratulations on arriving in the easternmost town in the US! Are you still in town or on Campobello Island? If so, I would like to interview you for our local newspaper.

    Please call or email: 733-4663 / if I do not see you around our area.


  5. chessie Says:

    Here’s some photos I took on Campobello Island at Herring Cove Thursday:

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