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pedal plenty

notes on a north american cycle trip in 2008

Most easterly

It’s done. I am finished. I have visited Quoddy Point. Taken the obligatory pics of me and Haggis at the opposite side from this side.

And at The End, what is that like? It’s a little peculiar. All that cycling. All that distance. It doesn’t seem like it was me that did it. How could I have done that? Cycled more than 4000 miles across a huge continent. How did I sit on that saddle for hours and hours for days and days? I dunno. You just do it. Just like you just do going to work. Eventually you don’t notice you are doing it. It’s certainly made easier by traveling through a friendly and fun country like Ummerica (I promise that’s the last time it gets called Ummerica). It helps that a kind-of-Engerish is spoken here. And it helps to have the internet so I can keep in touch with everyone, write this silly nonsense and navigate by way of Google maps (how did people travel before Google Maps).

So, what next? Well, I can see Canada from here. I think I’ll go to Canada.


2 Responses to “Most easterly”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh well done, Gill. You did it! And in such style… I hope you get a proper rest now. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

    (though I’ll be quite sorry to give up reading your blog - it’s enlivened many a dull NLS day.)


  2. Andy Strang Says:

    Get back to work you lazy jock! x

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