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pedal plenty

notes on a north american cycle trip in 2008


My Facebook profileYes, it’s an interactive trip. You can ask me questions about my travels and experiences and if they are polite I will respond in a timely manner. If you make an offer of lots of cash with no strings attached or a slice of pie I will respond immediately!

So, why not leave a message below and tell me about that hazardous bit of road up ahead and suggest an alternative route or maybe you can offer a small corner of your garden for my tent or if I am coming to your town then make a recommendation of your favourite diner or just tell me to drop by for a chat and fill up my water bottles.

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(1) Adrianurl email
Fri, 12 September 2008 13:20:44 +0200

Hi Gill,

It was Teri Wishart who told me about your pie-eating adventure!

Have you plans to do any more trips?

I am doing something similar here : (

It's good to know there are other nutters out there ;-)

I am also cycling across America, during which I will be playing Scrabble with a different person each day, starting on Monday. I live in Glasgow. The 4,000 miles will take 2½ months to cover, riding 60 miles a day, travelling from Seattle to Charleston, South Carolina. Hopefully this will lead to a book - about America, its people, Scrabble, the election and the cycling. Last year I did the same thing around England and the year before that, Scotland.


(2) Jennie Ballemail
Wed, 6 August 2008 15:22:53 +0200

CONGRATULATIONS! You're mental! How time flies - it's my last week at NLS this week, I may be back, but will have to see. Safe travels on the way home. Hope to catch you at some stage - Terry did mention a bike weekend??? (you are mental) when you get back, but I'm probably at a festival that weekend and summer is pretty chockas right now... but would LOVE to catch up and hear your tales... take care - Jennie
(3) Anita Briggsemail
Wed, 6 August 2008 10:28:16 +0200

Dear Gill

Well done! Peg and Helen told me all about your adventures - fantastic. Peg, me and Morag my 2 yr old had a trip to Aberdeen at end of June.

My neice is over in New Hampshire at the moment at Camp America and I have some nice relies in New Hampshire if your want to look them up. I'm sure they wouldn't mind seeing you. They live near Berlin if you happen by that way on your way back.

Will donate soon - best of luck with everything. See you when you get back...

(4) helen, sam, amy n markemail
Tue, 29 July 2008 21:23:02 +0200

still looking at your diary avidly! s & a are waiting for their cinema visit with trepidation!!! Looks like you're nearly there - what's your plans now? east coast then quebec?
(5) Peter Osterhoudtemail
Mon, 21 July 2008 21:11:45 +0200

I have really enjoyed following your journey. I am the Voyager caretaker at a small college in Albany, NY and an avid cyclist. Looks like your going to be in the area shortly (maybe today!). Good luck on your trip and your fundraising!!! Send an email if I catch you before your in the Albany area and perhaps I can sneak out of work and find some pie.
(6) Birch Tyskoemail
Wed, 16 July 2008 05:39:05 +0200

Gill -

Just reading over this site - and now I feel defeated!

Drex and I did not get any great new secrets out of you on our trip to the Rio, when you passed through Denver in June...

Even though - and correct me if I am wrong - you had one over the limit of 3 Margaritas...

Maybe next time.

However, we did enjoy you wonderful bowling form, and your not so wonderful air hockey "form" - and I use the term "form" loosely....

Stay safe.

(7) Larryurl email
Tue, 15 July 2008 04:25:11 +0200

I enjoyed visiting with you and your friends today. You have a great site. I will continue to check in. Thanks for coming to the US.
(8) Stephen O'Connoremail
Mon, 14 July 2008 20:23:57 +0200

Hi Gill,

It looks like your taking the "One way to do it" route... is that correct? How close will you be to Rochester, NY? I have a couple of leads on some excellent pie!

Stephen O'Connor
University of Rochester Libraries
(9) Rodger Reederemail
Wed, 9 July 2008 01:06:33 +0200

Hi Gill,

I am the cylist you talked to about 20 miles east of Macomb, IL who was attending the music fest. Read your site yesterday- great! It was also "quite nice" to talk to you and I wish you a wondrous and safe rest of your journey.

"AWESOME" Sorry, couldn't help myself.

(10) jean-paulurl email
Sun, 29 June 2008 19:44:24 +0200

Hello Gill
Remember these warmfull minutes near the Grand Teton pass (Togwotee), over Dubois. This will be one of my great time in my tour. After the pass I had joined the Grant Teton Park but the weather was so bad, that I cannot see the mountains. By chance, the following day, when I cross Yellowstone it was the only nice day of the period for me.
I have now finished my tour in San Francisco. As for the Teton, I cross the Golden Gate in the fog and I cannot seen this magic gate, but the pleasure was great for me.
And next Wednesday I will have my flight to France.
I hope everything is OK for you. If I remember well -but my brain was really frozen the day I met you!- you are on the way for the East Coast with a lot of severe thunderstorm all along.
I will be happy to have good news from you.

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  1. Andy Strang Says:

    Did you realise that you now qualify as Scotland’s top international sportsperson…well the only one I guess! X

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