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notes on a north american cycle trip in 2008
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Raising money for arthritis suffers

You didn't think I was doing this for fun, did you ? No, no, no, noooo. I want your money! I want your money for arthritis organisations in the USA, Canada & the UK.

Just giving, please sponsor me UK citizens please give here

First giving, please sponsor meUSA citizens please give here

Canada helps, please sponsor meCanadian citizens please give here

So why arthritis?

My mum suffers from osteoarthritis and had both her hips replaced about twelve years ago. But more recently she started to have problems with her knees and it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to go about her normal, day-to-day business like walking her two West Highland Terriers, doing the shopping and taking care of her garden. And then there were the elbow crutches and the walking stick - she was not impressed about being seen using them!

Then in September 2006 she got her bad knee replaced. I went to see her the day after the operation. She was in bed and looked a bit poorly the way people do after serveral hours under the knife but the next day, what a transformation. I walked in to the ward and there she was up, fully dressed and moving around with her walking frame. And she has gone on from strength to strength (with a lot of hard work on her part with physiotherapy and exercise).

It was so amazing to see my mum overcome her arthritis, ditch the elbow crutches and get back to walking Isla and Morven (the dogs) every day (at least twice!).

So to help others benefit from research into arthritis I thought try and raise funds for the three major arthritis charities / research organisation in the United States, Canada and the UK. Any contributions I gather along the way will be divided equally between them.

What about those Google ads?

I know you hate Google ads but any money I raise by hosting them on behalf of Google and the advertisers will be shared equaly with the three arthritis charities I am collecting for. The ads are pretty relevant to cycling and stuff I am doing so if you are interested in such things perhaps you'll find a new cycle store or product by following the link. You know what to do.



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